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Time is Not on Your Side! $27,000.00 Difference!

Case Study: Graphics are late, so electricity costs go up!

Summary: On May 11th electricity for your booth would have been $100. But we can't order until the 14th because we don't know the exact floor plan so it is $180.


Are we going to have light-boxes or not? The decision effects the electrical order. We set the graphic date to May 1st. Why? Your team wants light-boxes. Those graphics are a little different than hard graphics. The deadline is May 1st for approved graphics. You push it to May 10th. The graphics can be developed in time, but you do not have approval for the graphics & light-boxes yet and the decision to go with light boxes vs. hard graphics has not been made.

Finally on May 14th the decision is a go! Lighting is inviting, the graphics pop, all looks great. But we did not order the electricity by May 11th, so now electricity is now 180% the cost it would have been.

Yup. May 11th: $100 May 14th $180. Same product, just a missed deadline.

Of course Exhibitor Magazine has a lot more detail. Here is there great article about hitting your deadlines and the cost:

So next time your exhibit house asks for a deadline......

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