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Sustaining Sustainability

This isn't that complicated.


The value of our business is rooted in our purpose to help build a better experience for our clients.  Quality of life for our team members is top of our list, and by focusing on our team members Quality of life, they can focus on our clients.  We are committed to making our purpose evident in every part of our business, from initial interaction with our clients, to forecasting project completion dates.

Yet as good as that sounds, if our global, country, state, city and company environment is unlivable, why bother?

Exhibit Associates works through our project life cycle to help build a better world, not just through incredible experiences and exhibits, but from our sourcing to our recycle programs, our team is focused on doing the right thing right when it comes to our environment.


Our Team is searches for those vendors that can provide us materials made from recycled products.   With this focus our goal is to reduce our total consumption saving the Earth's resources for future generations.


There is a wasteful way of doing business, and their is a well thought out execution plan to utilize just the right amount of materials for each project.  We chose the latter.   By limiting excess waste, we reduce our "waste footprint".  This process also considers changing the design to take into consideration what our environmental footprint will be on our entire project.  By creating this efficient manufacturing process it doesn't just help our global, country, state and city environments, it also helps us provide a better work environment for our Team and better exhibits for our clients. 


We build things.   Fun things, but we still build things.  We have waste products.  And when we dispose of these waste products we work at reducing our landfill footprint by working with local recyclers for our wood, plastic and metals that do not need to go to the landfill.

This takes time and effort, but really - What is the alternative?

Exhibit Associates is committed to creating a work/life balance for all our team members. 


Part of that is making sure there is an environment outside of our "4 walls" that is livable and enjoyable. 

It's not that complicated.

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