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Let the Fun Begin!

Ever been to a Tradeshow Floor during a Set Up?

Not saying it's one of the most messed up places in the world, but it has to be in the Top 10. The bigger the show and venue, the more mass confusion appears to be present.

Yet it is not. To the experienced team it is a ballet. An organized "Flash Mob" that knows exactly what is going on, at what pace and everyone is keep perfect rhythm.

Except for you.

What is strangest to the outsider is it will be a beehive of activity, with forklifts, electric carts, condor crews and language to make a Marine blush - and without warning it's so quiet you can hear a pin drop. What just happened? It's called "break time" Yes the unions still rule most tradeshow floors. And then in 15 minutes it cranks back up again.

This is just one of the many things a first timer notices. There are hundreds of things they don't. Example Sparky (one of many electricians on the floor.) moves quietly from booth to booth to make sure the electricity is set up correctly. Don't upset Sparky or you booth will be last.

There is a case study to use a set-up crew. From a dollars and cents perspective it does make sense - but from a "get shit done" perspective, and reducing wear and tear on your Sales and Marketing Teams it makes a lot of sense.

That is another story.

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