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22 Days Left To September

And only 114 Days to the End of The Year. 2023 is almost here. And the start of 2023 is

January which has CES, Shot Show and a host of other tradeshows to kick off Tradeshow Season 2023.

But right now we are in the 1st week of this Tradeshow Season. And it is no joke. The amount of new meetings being had by Exhibit Associates for new booths from existing and new clients is picking up.

With that when you call you exhibit house, be clear on what you want. "I have a 10x10 and want to keep it under $2,000.00" or "I have to make an impact for my brand and I have $15,000.00 to make that happen." The normal sales dance takes time, which you may not have any of to spend. Going to another exhibit house? No problem. Open and fair competition is great. The "I'm best friends with your competition but my boss wants me to get two quotes" is a waste of time for the non-best friend.

Time is running out. Tradeshow Season is underway.


Exhibit Associates design builds and manages trade show booths corporate displays and museum exhibits for our clients. #trade #show #booth #exhibit #display #branding #marketing #brand #kansascity #kansas #missouri #YourBrandOurBusiness

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