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"Winter is Coming."


It's the one thing we have a limited and endless amount. Limited - yes we are on this planet

for a limited amount of time. Yet 10 years in the future is forever in the future.

In Game of Thrones it was the deadline of winter coming. Which apparently lasts a varied amount of time. And in GOT so many people died in so many horrific ways time was irrelevant. You most likely were not going to die of old age. But by sword, starvation, or dragon.

Tradeshows are not that brutal. But they wait for no one. Time marches forward and every day you delay the costs and stress go up!

So to slay the dragons and survive the winter - or Tradeshow Season - Can I have another week in September? Nope.

Winter is Coming. And with it January. And with it another Tradeshow Season.



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