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Poof! January 2022 is now gone. Where did it go? Now March will be here quick!

Oh yeah - we're in the tradeshow business. CES was at the beginning of the month followed by The Shot Show. Our customers did shows in Vegas (of course), Dallas, Fort Worth, Baltimore, Chicago and a few other places. Even Kansas City!

So what? Time Flies. We know that. Everybody knows that. But for the tradeshow business January is a split second. "Blink" and it's over.

So guess what - March is around the corner. Production times are extending out due to demand mixed with supply chain. Exhibit Associates works with supplies to minimize that impact. The benefit of being around since Jimmy Carter was the President. (The company, not the author of this post.)

Timing is everything. Planning is time, production is time, and shipping is time. Let's get to it. Time is running out until your next tradeshow!

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