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The Stuff Dreams are Made Of

Or "Revolutionizing Tradeshow Booth Design with

AI - A Case Study of 'Pink Dreams'"

Recently we put the same prompt into three image creators and the results of that prompt is

here for you to see. I tried to do a "Barbie" or a "Barbie Themed" booth and two of the generators called foul on the account of trademarks. Personally I think that is a a good thing.

In the fast-paced world of marketing and brand promotion, standing out in a tradeshow can be a game-changer for businesses. As an exhibit house we need to design and build that ability to stand out at a tradeshow. First we have to communicate that we can do so. We will be leaning on AI to help us out with speed to concept for our clients.

With 'Pink Dreams', the AI Tools faced the challenge of creating a 40x40 feet tradeshow booth that not only captured the essence of their brand but also stood out in a sea of competitors. The objective was clear: create an engaging, memorable, and interactive

space that resonates with visitors - with One Prompt.

Prompt Engineering is the key point here. Now on a design engagement we would tweak and tweak the prompt until we, Exhibit Associates, came up with a design to show the client. This would then allow the Design Team to take it to the next step - cutting the design hours and resources required to get to an "almost finished design."

Leveraging advanced AI tools, the design team embarked on a journey to create a unique

and captivating booth. Our request of AI's role in this process was multifaceted:

1. Design Inspiration and Conceptualization:

2. Layout Optimization

3. Personalization and Branding

4. Interactive Elements

and most important in the design process:

5. Feedback and Iteration

The final designs are a testament to the power of AI in creative processes. The 'Pink

Dreams' booth was visual in two of the examples but also highly functional. The odd one out requires more work on the prompt. Hence the term "Prompt Engineering"


This simple case study of 'Pink Dreams' tradeshow booth is a clear indicator of how AI can transform the way an exhibit house can design and communication with clients.

By harnessing this power of AI, Exhibit Associates can push the boundaries of creativity, efficiency, and personalization, ensuring our client's brand not only stands out in a crowded space but also connects with their audience on a deeper level.

The future of tradeshow booth design is here, and it's powered by AI. As we continue to explore the possibilities, one thing is certain - the fusion of technology and creativity is just beginning to show its true potential.

Don Jalbert


Exhibit Associates


Exhibit Associates crafts captivating trade show booths and experiential displays, blending innovation and craftsmanship. Their expertise spans from concept to execution, delivering immersive brand experiences. With a focus on custom designs, Exhibit Associates elevates brand visibility through strategic layout, lighting, and interactive elements. From modular exhibits to full-scale builds, their creations merge functionality with aesthetic appeal. Collaborative partnerships and attention to detail define their approach, ensuring each booth embodies brand identity. Transformative designs, superior craftsmanship, and client-centered solutions distinguish Exhibit Associates, making them leaders in creating dynamic, engaging trade show experiences. Explore their portfolio at


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