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Synchronicity & Magic

The fun part about tradeshows is everything has to work together.

1st) The client team and the design team have to work together to come up with a design the client wants, within the budget provided, and within a timeline that works for the fabrication team and the tradeshow deadlines.

2nd) The Fabrication Team has to time the production of graphics, receipt of raw materials and throughput of the shop to get the project done on time, within budget and to the quality required.

3rd) Tradeshow time. The crates (aka your booth) has to show up at the show on time, or at advance warehouse. The electricity has to be laid out, sign hanged, and the crates positioned around your space. And of course your capable setup crew has to be there on time. And then MAGIC! Your booth is set up!

4th) And last - you need to get your team there through planes, trains and automobiles. Plus hotels, matching shirts, messaging and the client path all have to be ready. And then the schedule for the 2 or 3 days so your booth is always staffed.

4 times synchronicity has to come together for the magic to happen.

What if? What if the set up crew doesn't show up? What if the shipping company doesn't deliver the crates? What if design doesn't get done? What if a graphic is done wrong?

Yeah. Magic!


Exhibit Associates is a full service exhibit house. Which means we can design, build, manage, execute on your tradeshow booth. Tradeshow Booths, Corporate Displays and Museum Exhibits are our wheelhouse, along with execution on experiential marketing programs. Since 1978 clients have come to us for their display and exhibit needs.

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