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Kindergarten Skills

One of the challenges for any exhibit house such as Exhibit Associates is finding the right people. Team members that say "That's not my job" really are not a fit for this industry. Team members that can relate to the skills they learned in Kindergarten are a fit.

Drawing with crayons and playing with clay are not the primary skills you need. But playing with A/V Kiosks, LED Lights, Carpet & Padding, and a host of other "talents" are required.

One great talent is looking at a design, and trying to mentally get it into crates that will fit inside a standard 53' trailer. Along with that how to best fit it in that crate so the set-up crew is not throwing darts at a picture of you by the end of the set.

Try to define that Process!

Like a Kindergarten Teachers Lesson Plan - there is a Process. The process aids in planning. Planning leads into execution. Whether it is playing with clay, or setting up a booth, there is a path to success. Process -> Planning -> Execution -> Success! Simple right!

With the right team, with the right "Kindergarten Skills" it is simple. Good Luck!

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