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Happy Halloween

Guess this post is overdue. There hasn't been a new post from Exhibit Associates in weeks.

Why? Tradeshow Season. Our clients have been exhibiting from coast to coast to coast to coast** and getting business done.

And we have been working supporting our clients with their graphics, layouts, carpet, electrical and hanging signs. Behind the scenes so when the tradeshow opens, the booth is ready for business!

Over the past 60 days our clients have been closing business and getting it done. Not a bad way to roll into 2023!

** East, West, Florida and Chicago. It is on the coast of Lake Michigan.


Exhibit Associates design builds and manages trade show booths corporate displays and museum exhibits for our clients. #trade #show #booth #exhibit #display #branding #marketing #brand #kansascity #kansas #missouri #YourBrandOurBusiness www.exhibitassociates.com

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