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Do Not Under Estimate the Power of Graphics. Whether it's a game or landing page or a magazine ad or a tradeshow booth - Good graphics matter.

Do you need to backlit them? No. Do you need to print new graphics every year? No. Do you need to spell check? Yes. Does your text have to be "balanced"? Yes.

Balanced? What is that?

Balance is about comprehension. One needs to make sure color, texture, size, location, fonts and brand all have to be taken into consideration when designing your graphics.

Balance is about order created by alignment, simplicity, repetition, contrast and finesse. Elements in your graphics need to be aligned, text needs to be legible, contrast is enough and spacing to give your eyes room to breath.

Balance is just one component of graphics. Graphics are just one component of a tradeshow booth. Find out more at


Exhibit Associates is a full service exhibit house. Which means we can design, build, manage, execute on your tradeshow booth. Tradeshow Booths, Corporate Displays and Museum Exhibits are our wheelhouse, along with execution on experiential marketing programs. Since 1978 clients have come to us for their display and exhibit needs.

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