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Flight Plans

In the aviation world there are a lot of sayings. The 1st one a lot of pilots learn is "The Rules

are Written in Blood." Meaning somewhere in the last 100+ years of flight a mistake was made, and the powers that be determined it was worth making a rule for airmen to follow. A simple one is "check your oil." You don't want your engine to seize while you are in the air.

Another rule is "Plan the flight, fly the plan." Now that means do some planning prior to getting airborne. Winds may mean you require to adjust while flying. Weather. Air Traffic Control. Sunrise. Sunset. They may cause you to adjust your plan while flying. But as a pilot you know what you are doing and minor adjustments are not an issue.

Same with your tradeshow booth. Have a plan. Yes you have a booth. A display. You and your team have traveled to the exhibit hall. You have hotels. You have means of travel. (pilot, plane, fuel, oil, destination.) But how are you going to get to the end of the show with leads? (How do you get to your destination?) Simple questions to ask yourself:

  • Who will be in the booth at the show opening?

  • When do you take lunch?

  • Who will be in the booth for the last hour of the tradeshow?

  • Who is going to the networking events?

  • What clients do you expect to show up in the tradeshow booth?

and very important:

  • Who compiles the list of leads for follow-up?

This is your basic flight plan.


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