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Exhibit Development Process

Process. You still need great people. But here is an overview of Exhibit Associates Process.

  • Exhibit Associates' process involves principal-level engagement from project inception to completion, ensuring direct access for clients throughout.

  • With over 40 years of experience, Exhibit Associates merges people and history, creating engaging narratives beyond mere facts or locations, delving into the "why" of an experience.

  • The development of captivating designs necessitates collaboration between designers and clients, resulting in a specialized process devoted entirely to each exhibit project.

  • The Exhibit Development Process (EDP) consists of three phases: Requirements Determination, Design Development, and Fabrication & Installation, each building upon the previous phase's outcomes.

  • Phase I: Requirements Determination involves workshops and creative explorations, pushing boundaries to transcend perceived limitations and encourage innovative solutions for the envisioned exhibit.

This process culminates in a structured framework that generates specific, measurable milestones and deliverables, ensuring adherence to timelines and, ultimately, crafting immersive experiences for clients' visitors.


Exhibit Associates is a full service exhibit house. Which means we can design, build, manage, execute on your tradeshow booth. Tradeshow Booths, Corporate Displays and Museum Exhibits are our wheelhouse, along with execution on experiential marketing programs. Since 1978 clients have come to us for their display and exhibit needs.

·      Trade show exhibit design

·      Custom booth solutions

·      Innovative exhibit displays

·      Tradeshow booth construction

·      Interactive exhibit technology

·      Brand-focused exhibit design

·      Environmental booth design

·      Modular booth solutions

·      Exhibit house services

·      Creative trade show displays

·      Custom trade show booth

·      Trade show marketing

·      Exhibition stand builders

·      Event branding solutions

·      Portable trade show displays

·      3D exhibit design

·      Digital signage for exhibits

·      Booth graphics and branding

·      Pop-up displays

·      Trade show logistics

·      Sustainable exhibit design

·      Interactive trade show experiences

·      Trade show booth rentals

·      Booth lighting solutions

·      Virtual trade show exhibits

·      Outdoor event displays

·      Exhibit project management

·      Booth installation services

·      Exhibition design and build

·      Creative event marketing solutions

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