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Design Counts!

When it comes to exhibits & displays, design plays an essential role in the production of these experiences.

It's no different from the buildings we inhabit to the products we use, the websites we visit, and the advertisements we see, design is all around us. And Tradeshow Booths are no exception. It's were it all starts.

But what makes design so important? Let's explore some of the reasons why design matters.

First and foremost, design can greatly impact the attendee experience. When an exhibit is well-designed, it is intuitive and the walk thru it is easy to determine. This can save time for our exhibitors to filter out attendees interested in the new pen, or a potential client.

It can reduce frustration for those who staff your booth by saving the deep product knowledge discussion for real buyers. This element of the design can increase productivity and improver your Tradeshow ROI.

And on the other side of that equation, poorly designed booths can reduce your ROI.

In addition to increase production it should go without saying that a well design booth can also greatly impact the aesthetics of the environment. A well-designed space or exhibit can be visually appealing and create a positive emotional response in the attendee. This can lead to increased engagement and possibly a new client.

Through the design process, designers can identify issues and objectives to come up with creative solution to address them within a booth. This can be seen in everything from product design, to graphics, to lighting.

Furthermore, design can be a powerful tool for communication to the attendees. (a.k.a. potential clients). Through design, ideas and messages can be conveyed in a clear and compelling way.

The goal is to capture the attention of the attendee and convey a message effectively.

Design is a critical element in your new tradeshow booth. It impacts the experience of all involved in the fabrication, setup, dismantle and storage of your new booth. By recognizing the importance of design, we can work towards creating better, more functional, and more engaging exhibit.


Exhibit Associates is a full service exhibit house. Which means we can design, build, manage, execute on your tradeshow booth. Tradeshow Booths, Corporate Displays and Museum Exhibits are our wheelhouse, along with execution on experiential marketing programs. Since 1978 clients have come to us for their display and exhibit needs.

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