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Branding at a Different Level


Yes Golf.

"The Open" - Sometimes called the British Open.

It's a marketing and branding event that is closest to the Super Bowl in it's impact. From the 'B to C" world? No - the "B to B" world. This is the Super Bowl in my opinion. Need proof? Check out the last sentence.

Advertising Age magazine has done articles on sponsorship dollars and it's impact. Look at the logo's on "The Open"'s main page. You think there is a little bit of money right there?

The winner of The Open gets just north of a two million dollar payday. ($2,070,000.00 to be exact.) A lifetime of effort, 4 days of intense pressure and then this payday. The golfer who comes in 70th will take home $26K. And that golfer has the same lifetime of effort, the same 4 days of intense pressure and then his payday. The $2 Million Dollar difference is execution.

Same with the marketing and branding that is going on at Royal St. George's right now. Every spot you can see is "sold". Every space available has a hospitality tent on it. The 18th Green is surrounded by stands for spectators. Behind the stands is nothing but tents paid for by companies to do business. And not to sell you a forklift. But for Amazon to buy a fleet of EV Forklifts.

Marketing & Branding execution lead to sales. The leaders of these business have written the checks is the proof you need.

Don Jalbert


Exhibit Associates

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