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In the middle of tradeshow season it is important to remember that all tradeshows start the

same: A blank canvas made of concrete.

Does not matter how big or small. So when the set begins for the show they all look the same.

Makes for an interesting project since in a short time this space was a 30x30 tradeshow booth, and then in 3 days the tradeshow was over, and now the tradeshow booth is in our facility ready for storage. It is a Tradeshow Cycle. (More on that later!)

But from a blank concrete canvas where it starts, it finishes a blank concrete canvas. With a lot of business in the middle of those two canvases!


Exhibit Associates design builds and manages trade show booths corporate displays and museum exhibits for our clients. #trade #show #booth #exhibit #display #branding #marketing #brand #kansascity #kansas #missouri #YourBrandOurBusiness

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