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"Barrier Breakers" Exhibit

75 Years ago Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball. This single

event was so impactful some say it changed the pace of integration for all of America. The abuse he went through just to play baseball is something few of us would put up with to play a game. But he did. He lead the way for integration of baseball. How important was this event?

#42 is the only number in any sport that is retired across the league. Any

league. Also it is the only number worn by every player & field coach on April 15 of

every year. Every player. but not only in baseball. This some hockey players wore #42 has well.

There were others who followed. Their accomplishments were significant. Their abuse was the same. All just to play baseball. To honor these individuals the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City built an exhibit, a traveling exhibit called "Barrier Breakers" The first stop is Dodger Stadium. It was in place for Jackie Robinson Day. This 75th Anniversary of this amazing event.

The traveling exhibit will be at Dodger Stadium past the 2022 MLB All Star Game. Stay tuned to where this amazing exhibit goes next. And to learn more about the individuals from Robinson to Green who broke these barriers here is the NLBM website about these amazing ball players, these Barrier Breakers!

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