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You are Already Two Hours Behind!

"Tell them what your are going to do, then do it!"

When it comes to building a tradeshow booth, or setting a booth up on a trade show floor - Time is everything! Time and project management are crucial in an exhibit house due to the complex, deadline-driven nature of creating and managing exhibits.

1. Deadlines: Meeting the fixed opening dates for exhibitions or trade shows necessitates precise time management to keep every phase of the project on track.

2. Multiple Projects: An exhibit house often juggles several projects simultaneously, requiring adept project management to efficiently allocate resources and ensure quality.

3. Team Coordination: Effective coordination among designers, fabricators, and other professionals is vital for aligning project goals, timelines, and maintaining quality standards.

4. Budgeting: Project management involves strict budget monitoring to deliver projects within financial constraints while managing costs and supplier contracts.

5. Client Communication: Regular updates and clear communication with clients ensure their vision is met, expectations are managed, and any project changes are smoothly handled.

6. Quality Control: Overseeing the entire process from design to installation is key to achieving the desired quality and client satisfaction.

7. Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating potential project risks helps in avoiding delays and technical challenges.

8. Logistics: Efficient management of transportation and on-site installation ensures the exhibit is prepared in time for the event, adhering to venue specifications.

Time and project management enable an exhibit house to deliver high-quality exhibits on time and within budget, ensuring client satisfaction and operational efficiency. For an exhibit house, a good exhibit house, this is life.


Exhibit Associates specializes in trade show #exhibit #design, offering custom booth solutions and innovative displays. Their expertise in tradeshow booth construction is enhanced by interactive exhibit technology, ensuring engaging and brand-focused designs. With a commitment to environmental sustainability, they provide modular and eco-friendly booth options. Their services cover everything from creative trade show displays and custom booths to effective trade show marketing and event branding solutions. They also handle tradeshow #logistics, booth rentals, lighting solutions, and virtual exhibits. Exhibit Associates excels in project management, ensuring seamless booth installation and crafting impactful exhibition designs and event marketing strategies.


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