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Tradeshows Takes Teams!

The 1st Team is The Exhibitor Team: Marketing, Sales & Finance for the Exhibitor.

The 2nd Team is the Tradeshow Team!

The Tradeshow Team is responsible for making sure the tradeshow goes off without a hitch. !

All tradeshows start the same. A blank floor. An empty hall. Nothing else. Behind the scenes it's different. The show manager (Fern, Freeman, Shepard, Grit, GES, etc.) has been working hard behind the scenes to make sure there will be enough forklifts and people to get it all done. Printers have been working producing the signage to direct you to the tradeshow from the hotels, signage in the rafters letting you know the aisle numbers. Plus all the sponsorship signage. Lot's of work done to by Tradeshow Team.

And it is the Exhibitor Team has been busy as well. Planning the graphics for the tradeshow booth. Planning the booth. Planning the people who will be there. Has marketing and sales been working at sending the emails and direct mail to attendees? Is social media where it needs to be. Is the setup crew ready? Shipping? Insurance? The exhibitor has to get marketing. sales and finance all on board. And remember nothing moves without finance!

Both teams work hard right up to the point of opening. So 15 minutes before the show opens all the work is done getting ready for the tradeshow. Everything looks great. Shirts pressed. Product looking good. A/V up and on point.

Shall we talk about "the down" and Driver check in and shipping?

I'll leave that for another time! Enjoy the Show!

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