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Trade Show Booth Tuesday #TradeshowBoothTuesday

This is a quick post today to explain about Trade Show Booth Tuesday. Better known at #TradeshowBoothTuesday. It's over on @Twitter. ( )

There is so much information out there about how to run an exhibit at a trade show event. Information how to pre-market your display. What to train your staff on so they have a list of "what to do" & "what not to do."

Follow-Up is critical. Budgeting is critical. There is so much to it all that we just can't even list all the subjects in the blog post.

So every Tuesday the Exhibit Associates team just posts pictures. That's it. Just pictures of trade show booths, different exhibits and numerous displays.

There are so many trade show booths we have done over the past 44 years pictures are our greatest tool to explain what we are capable of. Designing and building them one component, services are another. At Exhibit Associates we do it all.

But on Tuesday - it's all about photos. Enjoy.

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