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Project Planning?!?!??!?

Anyone can put a marketing piece together. Any company can be slick in their marketing. But nothing does more for a company than a successful project and a ecstatic client.

We at Exhibit Associates Inc focus on the latter.

And it all starts with project planning. Project planning is a crucial process that involves defining project goals, determining tasks and activities, estimating resources and timelines, and creating a roadmap for the successful execution of a project. It is a systematic approach to organize and structure the project's scope, deliverables, and activities to achieve the desired outcome.

Here are the key steps Exhibit Associates brings into the project plan:

  1. Define project goals and objectives

  2. Identify project requirements

  3. Break down the project into tasks

  4. Determine task dependencies

  5. Estimate resources

  6. Develop a project schedule

  7. Allocate resources

  8. Identify risks and mitigation strategies

  9. Establish a communication plan

  10. Review and refine the project plan

We here at Exhibit Associates believe steps 1 & 10 are the most important. All steps are required, but with knowing where you are going (goals & objectives) why start? And if you think your project plan is perfect at the start - well - you are a fool. Adjustments are always necessary. Just like a plane flying cross country makes small adjustments along the consistently to arrive at the final destination.

This summer we have two major projects going, and along with that two major project plans. And we are consistently adjusting them, and getting better as an organization as a result.


Exhibit Associates is a full service exhibit house. Which means we can design, build, manage, execute on your tradeshow booth. Tradeshow Booths, Corporate Displays and Museum Exhibits are our wheelhouse, along with execution on experiential marketing programs. Since 1978 clients have come to us for their display and exhibit needs.

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