April 26, 2020

The Events of 2020 have sure taken us by surprise.  Our industry, the tradeshow industry, is built on meetings.  The Javits Center in New York City was scheduled to have event after tradeshow after event this spring, not have a temporary hospital built inside of it.  PPE was used by the Exhibit Associates. Fabrication  and Service Teams to protect them from the hazards of building, installing and managing tradeshow booths, corporate displays and museum exhibits.  Not protect them as they walk into Home Depot!     We live in strange times.


While our immediate concern is to #FlattenTheCurve, and we have products designed just to do that - such as floor decals that demonstrate what six feet look.  But we will get through this, we will get back to normal. 


So I have joined the Go Live Together coalition.  Our industry has assembled to drive local, state and federal legislative actions that will not only be critical to our ability to put millions of people back to work, but also for our country's economic recovery.


Tradeshows, specifically the live events industry contributes nearly $1 Trillion to the US economy.  It supports entrepreneurship, innovation, ingenuity and job creation.  We employ millions of workers, union and non-union, entertainers and independent contractors.  Designers, accountants, carpenters, truck drivers, electricians, warehouse and yes even sales people.


Tradeshows are a powerful business development tool.  Exhibit Associates's clients tell us their success.  Protecting this industry means protecting a key contributor to both the economy and the human spirit.    The numbers on this graphic just tell part of the story.


So we here at Exhibit Associates are behind the Trade Show & Event Recovery Act,  It's common sense approach will provide tax credit assistance to exhibitors and attendees for costs associated with their involvement in tradeshows.  Review restrictions on travel and entertainment deductions and other initiatives to promote tradeshows, and keep attendees, exhibitors and workers safe. 


If you would like to talk to me about this personally - Call me.  Email me.


When "Stay At Home" is over, Let's get this country moving again - Sensibly.  It will take effort.  It will take resources.  So as an industry - Let's Go Live Together!


Amy Jalbert


Exhibit Associates Inc




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