Tradeshow Companies Actually Worry About Search As Well.

October 1, 2019

Or "The Best Place to Hide a Dead Body?  2nd Page of a Google Search!"


As much as we in the tradeshow business like to say that tradeshows are awesome marketing tools, they are just part of the answer.  In fact there is only one place more decision makers gather for your industry than at a tradeshow.


That is the world wide web.  Search.  SEO.  PPC.  Analytics.   As much as we would like to say with all the decision makers that are at a tradeshow they are a must have in your marketing tool kit - search is part of the answer as well.  Not like I am breaking ground here with this information.



But this goes goes for tradeshow companies as well.  


What?  That can't be!  Exhibit Houses must just do tradeshows to gather new clients!   Nope.   Not even close.   The above image is a Google search I did at a hotel in Dallas and I searched on keywords relavent to our industry.   Considering the red boxes are paid ads, Exhibit Associates came first in the organics.  We did not pay for our space - we earned it.   How?  Well we paid for that information.   But we compete not only for customers, but for eyeballs as well.   Considering we have a national franchise player and another similar competitor in the Kansas City market - we slog it out everyday.   


Why?   Because our team is awesome.  Go to our website here, and see the custom booth we did just recently.   If our potential new client doesn't see that, then our team does not get a chance to do other awesome projects.   After all it is only because of our awesome clients we get to work on these projects.   But they got to find us 1st!


Yes we do tradeshows!  They are extremely important.  Decisions makers are not only at tradeshows, they are online as well.   We use both as part of our marketing toolkit.   


We can help with tradeshow booths and displays.  For online - we have some partners we can recommend.   You need to be in both channels - because that is were the decision makers are!





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