Rule #4 of 4: Stand Out!

August 23, 2019

(My apologies for this post in advance.  This being the 5 straight day of posts I am getting a little


"punchy"   Enjoy!)


Stand Out! There are many ways this could happen.


Getting pulled out of line at TSA for 2 lbs of cocaine is one of them.   But I am sure not what you are looking for.   For tradeshow booths here is a great way to stand out: LED Tiles! All this leads to Rule #4: 


Rule #4 is to Stand Out.


Mostly when we speak of standing out we are at the foundation level talking about professionalism.  Clean, Organized, Consistent in appearance.   Having your old logo and new logo in the tradeshow booth sends a message.  (hint:  not a good message either.)


But your tradeshow booth isn't the most important thing at the tradeshow: Your people are the #1 Brand Representative your company has at the tradeshow.  Make sure they understand that.   So hint - No late night/early morning celebration in Las Vegas by team members prior to Day 1 of the Tradeshow so they show up hung over and hurt.


Your tradeshow booth is #2 on how to stand out.  Spend the extra to get great graphics.  It makes a difference.  Something as simple as one cool light and one warm light accenting the same product can send the wrong message.  Preview the booth - have it set up, do a walk through to make sure everything is clean, organized and consistent.


People will remember the sales rep with the onion breath after lunch more than they will remember your old logo.   But....neither should be there.   


Clean, Organized and Consistent wins every time.  That Stands Out.   The flash, the sizzle helps and Exhibit Associates can help with that, it is just a matter of budget.


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