Rule #3: Follow Up!

August 22, 2019

In the Four Rules of Tradeshows, this is the most important:  Rule #3 Follow Up!



If you do not do this - Don't Go.   Don't exhibit, don't attend, don't even get out of bed in the morning.

Follow Up!  Follow Up!  Follow Up!

The key to success on this Rule is to hold one person accountable.   One client of ours had over 700 leads after their 3 day tradeshow.  They made one person responsible to report to the senior executive team about the follow up success.  The weekly report went something like this: "900 touches, 30 appointments, $220K in new business after 30 days"  "After 45 Days...." "After 60 Days...."   And you can believe that individual was on the regional directors about tradeshow contact follow ups.   


So we know you need to collect the leads and make One person responsible, but how do you follow up?


Email:  You have collected business cards.  Put them in a spreadsheet and upload them to your email marketing system and send a thank you email from the company to them at the end of the tradeshow.  The very next day!  (Touch #1) 


Phone: From that very same spreadsheet who is the rep assigned to call the prospect?  Actually even your existing clients need a call.  They stopped by the tradeshow booth for a reason.


Direct Mail: A postcard that ties in the marketing that was used for you tradeshow.  (New Product?  New Service?)   


Phone:  (Yeah I know it's a repeat.) Yes - Get that appointment.  After the 3 touches above, the sales team member has got to do the work to get the appointment to get the sale.  Again:  They stopped by the tradeshow booth for a reason.


There is no Secret Sauce on this one:  Just get to work as a company, as a sales team.  Follow Up! 



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