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Your Brand is Front & Center

August 9, 2019

There is so much to a successful tradeshow experience.  If you are an attendee there is a certain set criteria you have.  As the exhibit house, we at Exhibit Associates have a set of criteria we strive to accomplish on the service side.  As the exhibit house that designs and builds your tradeshow booth - we have criteria we strive for as well.  Such as;


  1.  All attendees can identify your company name/brand.

  2. No traffic bottlenecks in the tradeshow booth.

  3. Storage is rightsized

#3 may seem strange - but too little storage and we have a mess.  Too much storage and we have wasted floor space.


To work through #2 we will tape the exhibit out on our production floor just to see if it makes sense.  We will walk thru the booth.   What is the expectation of an attendee?  Is there a "Welcome desk" and then a workflow once the attendee's needs and wants have been identified?   How much text is on the wall?


But it is #3 we really strive for.  We want the attendee to be walking by and say "Oh, I need that from that company!"  After all we believe you only have 10 Steps to get your next best client's attention as they walk by your tradeshow booth.  So of course we worry about your brand in your tradeshow environment.  It's our job!









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