Last Place You Would Expect

June 4, 2019


Boardroom?  Nope.   Employee Cafeteria?  Nope.  Factory Floor?  Nope.


The fun part about building the "Fun Stuff" in the corporate world is you never know where the next project will take you.   The Exhibit Associates once did an exhibit in a classified government work environment.    Due to the amount of traffic the exhibit had - almost none since the only people "cleared" could see it - it held up well over the years until the government moved out - and the display had to go with them.


This was not that "tough" but it is a Network Operations Center, or NOC (pronounced "knock")    So this where a Data Center HQ would be for a company.  The most famous one is Mission Control for NASA.   Electronic Data Systems (EDS) in Plano TX has/had and awesome one.   They used to take people on tours and it was a selling point.   This NOC is smaller than those two examples, but with this treatment on the walls, stained wood cut to a specific pattern hung on the wall.  (To get those openings perfect was the challenge on this project.)


So, Our client, brings their clients, and prospective clients, to view this NOC.  Just something to show they are a "different kind of company." 


How can we help your company out?

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