The Opposite of Perfection

May 2, 2019


When it come tradeshows the definition of perfection is the opening of the show.   Precisely 15 minutes before opening.   You know the time when the tradeshow booth is perfect, the brochures are all laid out, shirts pressed, carpet clean and there is a buzz about the floor.  The anticipation of the business that is going to be accomplished during the expo.   Well this is not this time.


This is the "Where are my crates?" phase.   This is the "Hurry up, I have a flight to catch" phase.   


Graphics that were made for the tradeshow booth, that reference "2019" are now trash.  Brochures that are "timely" are now trash.   


Relief is huge - the tradeshow manager is "done".   Now it is time to just get everything back into the crates, paperwork turned in and make sure your freight company is on time.  (Of course Exhibit Associates handles all of this for our clients.) 


This is only a few days after Perfection! 



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