OC! Part 2

November 27, 2018

Well - The Show Went off without a hitch....almost.


The week here in Kansas City was busy with the Global Entrepreneurship Week.  Over 170 events and this presentation was one of them.  I myself attended 3 other events.   One I wanted to see standard being set by others.  And of course to learn.  


The picture of this tradeshow booth in a hand is the capabilities of our new design software.  (Expect to see more of this type of image.)   The theory is "If it was this easy, you wouldn't need Exhibit Associates!")  


Well we had 90 minutes.  I was asked to fill a certain amount of time up.   Well I planed to fill up my allotted time, but something happened along the way.   We got started late, and the two presenters in-front of me from the Kansas City Chamber and the Department of Commerce had great content and went just a little bit longer than expected.   So I had about 50% of my allotted time.   (Oh Crap!) 


But I did something that was wrong in the journalism world - I buried the lead.   So I pushed fast and hard to get to the "punch line."    I got there, and then had some time for questions.     I covered some truths, The Four Rules, and some absolutes when it comes to tradeshows, and then got asked questions.  Some great, some made me think and some made me wonder.   But to get the opportunity to speak about what it takes to put a tradeshow booth together at the tradeshow exhibit hall was great.    


If you need someone to speak about tradeshows, just let me know! 

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