Oh Crap! (OC! Part 1)

November 5, 2018


Show Time!


Next week is Global Entrepreneurship Week.  It is a global coordinated event with activities around the world.  Kansas City has a bunch of events going on.  One event I get to present at!


Oh Crap!


So people are going to file into a room, and then listen to me about tradeshows.


Tradeshow Cycle, Marketing, Unions, yadda, yadda, yadda will all be on the table.  But I need to be entertaining.  What the hell does that mean?    Advice from pros in the speaking world tell me to "connect on a deeper level", "balance between content and style" and "watch your 'ummms'".   All very helpful.  All very useless.


So yes this post is a little different.   Stay tuned for updates!



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