Moving Forward

October 10, 2018

Exhibit Associates is in it's New Year.  

Our New Fiscal Year. Our New Process Year.   

New. Chapter 1.


As a leader of this company there is a lot to consider.  Employees are #1.  Pay, Benefits, Rewards, Culture, Work Space, Corporate "self-esteem", Cash Flow, Company Reputation, and One Million other things that come to mind.


But the key to business is it is all about relationships.   Each employee how they interact with each other is critical.  As new people join the team how do they add or take away from the dynamic that is Exhibit Associates.   As a leader you can't bury you head into the sand.  Every persons, every position is important.  We go from hopes and dreams to execution and reality.  Time never stops, memories are forever.



But we have done something this year different from most years.  Instead of promises, we delivered a road map to success.  There are no guarantees in this world.  "Fail to Plan or Plan to Fail" is a great little saying.  Is it 100%?  No.  There are people who never plan and go through life and business without fail.   There are people who plan every moment of every day who do not "succeed."  (What ever that means.) 


The Four Disciplines of Execution is our Road Map.  It went live 10 days ago.    Will it succeed?  Really, after the last paragraph you think I am going to answer that question?  But it will not fail from a leadership buy in.  It will not fail by not calling out those who do not follow through on commitments.  It will not fail because we didn't, as a company, follow the plan.   It will fail if those who talk about commitments do not follow through on them.  But those people will move on.


And if you are a client of Exhibit Associates, you will see indications of this new process.  Checklists, Process and Procedure will be adhered to.  At the end we will deliver a better product, a better Client Experience.  A better Work Environment.   We are here 8 to 10 hours a day.   Working on behalf of our clients, Shouldn't we get it right and have a good time in the process?   Otherwise why are we here?  Why are you as a client here?


The image below is from my favorite television program Mad Men.   At the end of Season Five they are expanding and are looking at New space.  If you have ever been apart of that you know how exciting it can be.   Exhibit Associates is a company just likes yours.  We have plans.  We need to make a profit.  We want to have fun while doing it.   Stay tuned.  This year has just begun.  


Don Jalbert

Vice President










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