How it Came to Be That We All Work For Lily!

September 12, 2018

To understand Lily you have to understand what makes up Exhibit Associates and the people of Exhibit Associates.  


The owners of Exhibit Associates use to have a dog named Franklin.  Franklin was a rescue dog


and on the first weekend they had him they bought a toy mouse. (They named the mouse Timmy.) 


Franklin was never far away from Timmy - ever.  And if you ever came around the house Franklin would bark at you, then he would want to get petted by you, and they he would run and get you Timmy - a gift.  Considering it was the only thing he owned they believed it meant a lot for him.  


Well most vacations both Franklin and Timmy were left behind.  Friends would dog sit. They loved Franklin.  Well Franklin got up there in years and finally had to go to that great dog park in the sky.  


Well "The friends" decided to get a dog - and you guessed it, that dog is Lily. And guess who gets to dog sit - that's right - the owners of Exhibit Associates.  And instead of leaving poor little Lily alone all day, they take her to work.  



And then it started.  One or two pictures on Twitter. Then Facebook, and everywhere.  And the response is amazing for a little brown dog. And because we know we all work for our pets, we all work for Lily. #weallworkforlily


So yes we are about tradeshow booths, corporate displays and museum exhibits.  But we are human as well and we like to have fun and enjoy our work.  


Just a small insight to Exhibit Associates.

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