#BrandingWorks (Or This is where the buyers are at!)

August 29, 2018

Where are your buyers at?  At Tradeshows of course!   


Over the weekend I went to see our Kansas City Royals play! Great game until the bullpen started to collapse.


But while there you can't help but notice all the beer and alcohol brands being advertised.   Local, National, Big, and Small.

Exhibit Associates in the photo will highlight the alcohol brands that are working in the "K", our MLB stadium.


These brands have event spaces, graphics, and experiential marketing going on as fans come into the park.  Why?  Because people are buying beer at the ball park.   This is where the buyers are at!

 Why? Because it works! And as we come up on Tradeshow Season - is your brand being represented best by the graphics in your tradeshow booth?


Is an update necessary?


Why do you think they are spending the money?


Because this is where the buyers are at!   Where are you buyers?  At Tradeshows! 



#tradeshow #booth #display #exhibit #design #kansascity 

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