August 2nd 2018! What A Day!

August 3, 2018

Most people Thursday August 2nd came and went without much fanfare.   And at Exhibit Associates it should have been uneventful as well.   Now as a company that designs and builds cool things you would think we want "eventful" - but in reality we plan, and we plan some more and then we execute.   


But on Thursday we had a chance to excel thanks to a couple of clients.

The Operations Team was overseeing some I&D work at Bartle Hall.   I&D is "Installation and Dismantle" of tradeshow booths on the tradeshow floor.   On Thursday we had some "issues" to overcome.

First the humidity caused parts of one tradeshow booth to expand just enough so it would not fit together.  Yup - it was such a tight fit that the expansion due to humidity made it so there was no making it fit.   So from the tradeshow floor at Bartle Hall back to our shop (a mere two miles) to sand the wood pieces down to fit correctly.   We thought that was the only issue with that tradeshow booth.   Nope - lights.   New strips, new power strips and a little soldering fixed all that.    When the tradeshow opened at 5PM the booth was good to go! 

You think that is it?   Hang on.

Graphics are important.  The 2nd Exhibit Associates team is setting up tradeshow booth #2.   After it is set we take a picture and send it to the client.  Wrong Graphic!   The right graphic is being overnighted but will not show up until after the show opens.   "Can you get us a new graphics?"   Let's see - we don't have an image, we don't know the size and we have 2 1/2 hours to get it done.   Can we do it? 

The Design Team is now in on this.   The Operations Team is the I&D team.  We have already involved the Fabrication Team for the adjustments to the wood - so why not include the Design Team.  A phone call from the client's graphic team to Exhibit Associates and the decision is made - We can do it!.    At 5:03 PM - actually 3 minutes after the show opens we installed the temporary graphic!   Then we wait for the overnighted graphic and  installed that this morning.

So it was a Team Effort - everyone worked together and got it done for our clients!

Now during an standard "I&D" there are always issues.   But yesterday presented some unique challenges.   So that is why it was quite a Day!

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