July 31, 2018

That is what it is all about.  When it comes to tradeshows our clients expect their


tradeshow booth to be set up and "ready for business" Day 1, Hour 1, Minute 1 of the tradeshow.   


Exhibit Associates has been doing "this" for 40 years.   We have seen it all!  And what we did yesterday might work tomorrow, but it doesn't stop us from trying to improve.  


Process Improvement is something every company should look at.   We here at Exhibit Associates have had turnover due to retirement in some key roles so we are in the middle of a Process Improvement Project called "4DX" or "The Four Disciplines of Execution."  That little diagram in the corner is the overview.   4 Parts.  That is it.  Sounds Simple.


But implementation and success is a process onto itself.   Currently we are having twice weekly meetings, everyone has a copy of the book and we are moving forward.  It is a team effort.



"How can we get better at execution?" is the main question.    Here is the Implementation Process.  ( A little more complex than "4 Parts." )


This is an investment in people.  This is worth it.  Why?   I was told a long time ago once you stop learning, you start losing.  


Our team wants to do great things.  Account Management has to know what is expected of Design, and Fabrication has to know what is coming from Design and Operations has to tie it all together.   But if all four teams are not working together - well that is like an engine with the timing out of whack:  It runs, but that is all you can say about it.


So stay tuned.   Great things to come here at Exhibit Associates

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