Palm Springs! #eapalmsprings

May 5, 2018

Yes - that magical city in the desert.  Where Hollywood elite use to escape to.   Where Don Draper of Sterling Cooper hung out with the beutiful people in the Mad Men episode "The Jet Set".  Yes - that Palm Springs.


On May 7th I will be arriving.   For fun you say?   Well to set a tradeshow booth for a client.     The 20x30 booth has been in the works for awhile.   It is a full Tradeshow Cycle for the client. 

The Cycle will end when the #tradeshow booth is back at the warehouse in Kansas City.   The Exhibit Associates team has worked on this tradeshow, this booth for awhile now.   Forms, Logistics, I&D, Graphics, ...... everything!


So follow along from the #selfiesticksunday on May 6th, and on Exhibit Associates social media.    Is it our only project?   No.  Heck it isn't even are only one of the week for our clients - but the other ones are not in Palm Springs!  #eapalmsprings! 

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