What does your Exhibit House Strive For?

October 10, 2017

The Story


It is 9:45 and the tradeshow floor opens in 15 minutes.  We could be Chicago, Vegas or Orlando – it doesn’t matter.  Your booth staff is ready to go.  Shirts are pressed and shoes are shined.  Your company brochures are laid out on the counters.  Pens & giveaways are neatly arranged on the counters and tables. 


The carpet is clean, the booth is clean – there is even no trash in the trash can.   The booth is perfect!


The tradeshow floor is buzzing with anticipation.  Your staff is waiting with anticipation for the doors to open and the expo to begin.  Everything is perfect.


This is what we strive for, for our clients.


What you don’t see in that story is 8 months ago when the first design discussion between your tradeshow/marketing team and the Exhibit Associates design team.  The working session between the two teams moves forward and concepts are developed.  With 6 months to go to the tradeshow the final concept is approved and budgets are determined.  The exhibitor package is downloaded and worked on by the Show Services Director here at Exhibit Associates in conjunction with you or your Tradeshow Manager.


Fabrication begins.  Progress photos are sent.  Everything is moving.   Last minute changes to graphics occur.  Brochures and giveaways are sent to Exhibit Associates to be shipped with the booth.  Trucks are arranged.  The Advance Warehouse dates are set. 


The booth preview happens!  Adjustments asked for, approved and done prior to the ship date.

Then the ship date arrives – everything leaves Exhibit Associates.  The set happens and the booth is set up by one of our teams we use across the country.  And then it is 9:45 – 15 minutes to the doors opening.  Perfection achieved!  


Again – everybody sees the result, not the work.


The funny thing is – it could be a 60 foot x 100 foot booth, our largest booth scheduled for next year, or a 20 foot inline rental – it is almost the same process and it is definitely the goal every single time.  Our goal is with 15 minutes prior to the doors opening and that your only focus is on what is about to happen, not what it took to get there.


Find out what it is like to work with the best Exhibit House in the Kansas City area.



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