Tradeshow Cycle

August 31, 2017

Here at Exhibit Associates we speak of the Client Journey and Positive Customer Experience.   Internally we focus also on the Project Journey.   Most of our projects are focused on a deadline.  We have to get stuff done by a certain date - well that sounds like a Project.  Even Service.   Our Show Services include handling all the paperwork, logistics and a thousand other items so all you and your team have to do is show up.  That is full service.   Of course we work with clients at what ever level they prefer.   Sometimes they do it all.  Most times it is a hybrid version of full service to just handling the load out.



But the Client Journey, and the Project Journey all have their roots in the Tradeshow Cycle.    A new client, or existing client wanting a new booth follows for the most part the diagram included in this post.  



The Requirements drive the design - along with budget, purpose and the desire of our clients.   Once complete the Exhibit Associates team can take it from there.   If you notice on this diagram the "Tradeshow" Icon is larger - well it is the most important part.  (Look for the 4 Rules Later.)   The Drayage is outlined in blue - it is the one item we have no control over.   If you know this already - you understand.  If you don't, come talk to us.   


So from Requirements to Storage.   We can handle it all.   And guess what - this is called a Cycle since in a few months, few weeks or next year - we will do it all again for our client.


This Tradeshow Cycle leads to the Project Journey which part of the Client Journey.  And we strive for that Client Journey to be a Positive Customer Experience here at Exhibit Associates.


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