#SelfieStickSunday & Social Media Marketing & Tradeshows

March 26, 2017


#1 Search Engine is Google.   (Best place to hide a dead body - 2nd Page of a Google Search)


#2 Search Engine is YouTube.    


Exhibit Associates believes in Social Media Marketing.  Google, BIng, Yahoo, Yelp, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube.   


Our customers - not the companies, but the individuals are marketing experts.  They understand messaging, content and delivery channels.   They know where their clients are looking and they get in front of them with ads, billboards, display ads, PPC campaigns and, yes, Tradeshows.


How many channels are you working in?   This video mentions the banner stand.   How easy and low cost is a banner stand?   How do you accomplish lead generation when your company is at an event?    Not sure the options - and yes there are 1,000s of options, then we here at Exhibit Associates can help.  Call us today.  Find out.


Is your company on Twitter?   Does your company have a LInkedIn page?   What does your company's banner stands and tradeshow booths look like?   We understand all the focus on Social Media Marketing.   And when it comes to face-to-face marketing - Well - no one understands it better than we do.



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