Jump In, The Water's Fine!

December 19, 2016


Tradeshows. We've all been to them. We've walked the floor, grabbed the logo'ed stress balls, pens and hats. We've found out about new products, checked out a competitor or two, reconnected with past co-workers and enjoyed the one or two days out of the office. That is the life of an attendee.


The life of the exhibitor is something means getting there before it opens, shirt pressed, literature laid out and one or two cups of coffee already priming the pump. We have our "easy to eat" snacks in our storage area to keep the energy going, and our phone is at 95% first thing in the morning. In the afternoon your legs are "feeling it", your first Red Bull is empty and you are trying to keep up with the pace. Notes and Business Cards are crammed into your note book and you already thinking about the new business your generating once you get back.


The life of the tradeshow manager - well that is another story. Floor Space, Hotel Reservations, Product, Literature ("Really - the only brochure's we have have the old CEO's picture in it?"), promotional products, staffing levels, sponsorships, budgets, drayage, logistics, I&D.......Talk about swimming with the Sharks. After the show it is about crates and getting everything back into storage. And reserving the space for next years tradeshow.


Use an Exhibit House.....We know how to fight off the sharks.

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