May 27, 2016

This is one of my favorite days of the year - every year.


First: When growing up I remember this being the 1st holiday of summer always!   The long New England Winters were over when we got our charcoal grill ready for the first cookout of the year on Memorial Day.  We would spend most of the weekend at the beach.    Those are some great memories from my childhood.


Second:  It is the beginning of the Summer Season!  Warm days.  Baseball Games.  And everything is fresh and new as the summer comes upon us.  We believe the days will not get too warm, humidity will be low and all out door festivities will be perfect.   This doesn't mean it will be that way, but I look forward to a perfect summer, every summer.


Third: As a veteran of Desert Storm I can still see the faces of those we lost.  Tim, Art and T.C. are still fresh in my memory banks.   During the Cold War leading up to Desert Shield Keith, Paul, Tim and Rob paid the price in defending this great nation.  This holiday weekend has been earned for us to enjoy.


For me it is a time to remember summers gone by, those who we have lost in defense of this land of ours and to look forward with unbridled optimism of what is possible over the summer.   


So it is today, Friday May 27th that I sit back and reflect.   Memorial Day weekend is almost upon us and I will always remember, I will never forget and I am looking forward.


Enjoy the Weekend.







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