The Real World

March 28, 2016

Going into my junior year of high school with my head down having no idea what I was going to do was a scary situation. I was a normal student who attended school seven hours a day five days a week and that was home to me. Then I decided to take one of the biggest leaps of my life and enrolled into the Northland Career Association of Profession Studies-- a  program where I leave school half of the day and go to Riverport (a Cerner building) and the environment is completely the opposite of school. It was like more of a job rather than a class. There then did I not only learn technology solutions (strand I was enrolled in) but I learned how to make a resume, work in teams, and how to talk in front of people. It was a thrill working with new people from different schools and not having to ask to use the bathroom. Not only would our instructor assign us projects, but we would work with actual companies and clients and I don't think out of all my years in school I would've had the chance to do any of this. And that's not even the icing on the cake! 



As the first semester ended and we move onto second, my classmates and I started getting interviewed by companies to intern with them for a semester. That's when I got an email saying I had an interview with Don Jalbert at Exhibit Associates. I was nervous, at being 16 years old and given the opportunity to have an internship at a company is something not too many people can say. I walked into the Exhibit building where there was huge banners and stands all around me. It was a neat experience and during the interview Don and I decided that there was one thing I had to do for the company and one thing the company had to do for me-- and that was to leave something that will impact both of us through not only just our time together. Being with Exhibit Associates has been a great time, since they're a small company I get to see a lot of production flow and what is going on. Also, being a 16 year old intern I would think that I would be filing papers and cleaning the bathrooms but that's not the case. This company has made me feel useful to their business, from working with their graphic designers to making a Strategy Dashboard and Social Media Calendar for the company. I was shy at first but all of their employees were quick to open up and be kind. As I have only about two months left here I hope to grow and make everlasting relationships with this company and the people in it. There's so many valuable things I've been taught thus far and so many things I want to learn. I can say I enjoy the real world (for now). This company has already made it's impact on me that I won't forget and I will do something for it.  Exhibit Associates may not be a billion dollar company, but it has billion dollar employees.

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