Changing of the Guard

February 9, 2016

Helen has been here for 17 years.   She worked with the team here at Exhibit Associates for what I can deduce 13 years before that.  She is moving on to the next phase of her life.   A new house that seems 100 miles away, family members to take care and ....well she gave her notice two weeks ago.  Today is her last day.


When I first came to Exhibit Associates in 2012 her role as Office Manager was fairly predictable. I relate my coming here to shaking up a snow globe - and it took a while for the dust to settle.   New processes, new IT platform, new office layout - did I mention new processes?   And that all centered on Helen - Exhibit Associates 2nd Office Manager since the company started in 1978. Everything new impacted her role here.   She learned new stuff, incorporated the new processes and, I am sure, wondered everyday what crazy new idea I would come in with that would change her world as Office Manager.   As Office Manager she had to handle clients, vendors, employees and me.  Civilians do not get medals, but as Office Manager some days I am sure she deserved combat pay.


The photo above is of her keyboard 10-key - just a little worn out.    Not much to say about how she worked.    She will be missed.   Words can't say it all.


Thanks Helen.  



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