It All Starts With Design

February 2, 2016

Imagine going to a tradeshow as part of the "B" team.  This means you come in after the opening day or two to close the show.   For 3 or 4 day shows companies have the first team come in - make sure the booth is all set up, and then attend events.   This could mean a company sales dinner with the entire team that is there, or it could be with clients or it could be with distributors and partners.  As the B team there are no group diners like this.   Your job is to replace the first team and present a fresh and energetic face for day 2 and 3 of the tradeshow.  


But as you walk up upon your booth you can't believe what you are seeing.  Last year it was a collection of show room pieces cobbled together.   This year it is a uniformed, sharp look with new graphics, lighted signs and clean look.  Wow!


That B team member now has a sense of pride.   Whether it is your team members walking by a lobby display of a corporate timeline and/or product display, or your team members looking at the new booth for the first time - your attention to detail on the design pays off.  Your team members are proud of the booth, proud to have people come by the office.  They walk taller.



And It all starts with design.

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