Show Time! (Or "Did you just lose a client?")

January 20, 2016

This shipment left Exhibit Associates earlier this week.  It will travel to a warm climate and then get unloaded at the tradeshow hall.    (Stay with me on this post - it is longer than most of mine.)


Exhibit Associates will have a team at the hall for set up and dismantle.  ("I&D" is what it is called.)   We will layout the padding and electrical, and then the carpet.   Did I mention padding?   Without it the tradeshow is a long ordeal for your team members.  On Sunday morning I will walk through it with the client to make sure it is as they expect.   Yes - set up for a tradeshow is on the weekends normally.   So Monday or Tuesday when the show opens everything looks great.   I cannot understand the companies with a 10x20 or 20x20 or larger that sets for themselves.   Your team is a sales team, or a marketing team.  Not a construction crew.  


Instead of wearing them out - let the professionals handle it.  Will it cost you more?   Well if you have 4 of your team members setting up for 2 days that is 64 man hours of work.  What is your average hourly rate for your team members?  $30 an hour?  $40 an hour?    At $40 an hour that is $2,560.00 you are spending for set up.   Then what is the impact of your team for the tradeshow? Are they rested?  Are they ready to go?   Are they at full speed during the tradeshow getting new business and then networking at the events?  Or are they sleeping after the first day to rest?   Meanwhile your competitors are at the events speaking to your clients - new and existing.   


So what is the cost of a lost client?   What is the benefit of a new client?   Is it greater than $2,560.00?   Let your exhibit house manage that for you!   You are an exhibitor - exhibit!   Work the tradeshow!  Go to the events!   Get business!


And then at the end of the show - let your team get to work closing business - accomplishing the follow up.   Spending a day or two to break down, then a day to travel back - you are now three days behind your competition.   Use an Exhibit House!



For this one I get to go!   If you are tracking weather in the Kansas City area you understand the exclamation point.  Come Sunday morning I will know my client's thoughts about the new booth.  

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