Internal Branding

December 11, 2015

Interesting what happens to a company has it grows.  It starts out just trying to make payroll.   Then it moves into growth phase and we get called for a table top and banner stand.   

Latter on it is more growth, different locations and larger booths.  (Inlines to Islands.)   Then the founders walk the halls one day and realize none of the new employees remember the "good old days" that the founders could not wait to get through.  Then they ask some one at random either "What is our mission statement?" or  "What are our corporate values?" and they get an answer.  They ask someone else and get another answer. And so on,  And so on.  They ask 10 people get 7 different answers, 2 "I don't know" and 1 "Go away I have a deadline to meet".    That is when we get the call.  For ways to communicate - For Internal Branding like the above photo.



Just for reference Our Brand Promise is "From Design through to Fabrication and Installation, and on through the Services what we offer provides impact, experience and engagement through the innovation and customization in all that we do for our clients."    It still needs work.  Our tag line is "Excellence In Everything We Do" - which a client basically "gave" that to us.  We all like that.


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