Never Give Up!

November 17, 2015

Ever been on a tradeshow floor during a set up?


Image This: You are setting up a video wall 4 screens (2x2), media players and video controllers.  Just one problem - the set up was tested with the monitors only 5 feet from the media players.  On the floor in the structure that they are mounted on has no place to put the media players.  (This was a very last minute add on by the client.)  It is 20 feet away.   


But wait - you have planed for this - you have the cable.   It is all good to go.


Wait!  There is no way to run the cable from the monitors to the media player.

No problem - you have a job box - you have the means - you drill holes and then you cover the holes with grommets.  It all looks good.


So maybe it shouldn't be Never Give Up!  It Should be Plan, and Plan Again!

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