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Why work with an Exhibit House? (Part 1)

Actually I have two very specific reasons why you should work with an exhibit house like

Exhibit Associates. Here in Kansas City there is one other with similar capabilities, and another with not quite all the capabilities the previously referred to exhibit house and us - and then there are quite a few portable/pop up and banner stand type companies located here in Kansas City. Of course one is not limited to the KC area when choosing a team to work with to support you tradeshow program. Which also means those in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas can utilize us as well. But enough about that - this is not about the where but about the "Why?"

The 2nd case study was actually the 1st one that was going to be part of this discussion, but something happened yesterday that we think highlights what a true exhibit house can do.

At 8:41 AM Monday July 17, 2023 I sent our address to a potential new client. Their tradeshow began at 1:00PM that afternoon. Yup, just over 4 hours.

Backwall, monitor, monitor stand and new graphic done!

Fabrication Team, Services Team and Design Team all working around a table to come up with a quick solution that would work for our client. All our capabilities coming together to determine a course of action for our new client.

And we got it done. That is what exhibit houses do. Give us 4 hours we have a solution. Give us 4 days and we can knock it out of the park. 4 months? You would be surprised what we can do in four months.

Again - this was yesterday. That image is their icon part of their logo.


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