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Welcome to Tradeshow Season!

Wow! It's great to write that title!

In January of 2020 it was full speed ahead. The economy was humming along, tradeshows were lined up from January to June. Life at Exhibit Associates was awesome!

The Design Shop was busy. The Fabrication Shop was busy. The Services Team was busy. Even Account Management was busy. (But you know sales - 1/2 days, golf on Friday, 3 Martini lunches....)

Then the 1st cancelation happened. Then the next. Then all of them. By the end of that 1st quarter we in the tradeshow industry were "beat up." The phone was never good news.

Now, we at Exhibit Associates did have some corporate displays (lobbies) and some museum exhibits that we worked on. So we crawled along.

We took the time to improve our processes, add software, buy new equipment and update our branding. But, still, no tradeshows. So no Tradeshow Season in the Fall of 2020, or the 1st Quarter of 2021.

Now our phone is ringing. Now our Design, Fabrication and Services Teams are busy! Even Account Management has had to cut down on their golfing. (The tragedy of it all!)

So as we roll into Fall of 2021 we have only one thing to say: "Welcome to Tradeshow Season!"

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