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Welcome to September

Nothing Special. Except in this industry - tradeshow industry, it gets crazy busy at exhibit


Large, small, multiple locations, single location, single operator or a team of 100s -> September is the busiest month of our year.


Kids are back at school, vacations are done and the end of the year is coming. In business, in sales - December 31 is a hard deadline. How much did you sell this year?

No almosts. No discussing how you came in second place on the large deal. No "What ifs" are allowed. What is your number? Your company's number? No gray areas allowed when you record that yearly sales number.

So with it 120 days away, no summer distractions -> that deadline is coming. And there is a great way to generate leads and sales: Tradeshows!

And that is why we get busy. Stay tuned!


Exhibit Associates design builds and manages trade show booths corporate displays and museum exhibits for our clients. #trade #show #booth #exhibit #display #branding #marketing #brand #kansascity #kansas #missouri #YourBrandOurBusiness

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